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Extreme Ice

Extreme Ice E-Liquid

WOW! What a cool refreshing flavor! I get a hint of the "double" gum flavor & even a slight hint of a menthol. Love it. It's my new all day vape.

Empty Refill Needle Tip Bottles

Needle Tip Refill Bottles 10ml Capacity (empty)

It doesn't get any easier than this! Stop the frustration of getting E-Liquid in your air flow tube by using our Needle Tip Refill Bottle. You WON'T be sorry! Unless you don't get one.

Empty Refill Needle Tip Bottles

Needle Tip Refill Bottles 20ml Capacity (empty)

These are a must have if you like easy! Easy to fill/refill your atomizers and NOT get ANY E-Liquid in the center air flow tube.

Ce6  6ml Replacement Coil Head

Ce6 6ML Replacement Coil Head

Long wick Replacement Coil Head for the Ce6 6ML Capacity Atomizer.

Ce6  6ml Atomizer

Ce6 6ML Capacity Atomizer

Tired of refilling your atomizer so often? Our Ce6/6ML Capacity Atomizer will solve that problem for you. Our customers who were smoking 1 + packs of cigs per day absolutely love this one! You'll have

iClear30 Atomizer

iClear30 Dual Coil Replacement Coil Heads

Dual Coil Head for use with the iClear 30 Clearomizer.

iClear30 Clearomizer #2

iClear30 Dual Coil Clearomizer

This is the cat's meow! The iClear30 is a large capacity clearomizer holding 3ml of E-Liquid per fill. It's dual coil head delivers a very nice huge vapor & awsome flavor and is also replaceable m



This Atomizer will ONLY FIT THE E-LUV BATTERY. Very nice colors to match, mix & match colors with your batteries or clear for easy viewing while filling. 1 - 1.3ml capacity Slim E-LUV Atomizer.


G Taste E-LVT MOD Kit

WE INCLUDE YOUR HIGH QUALITY BATTERY & ATOMIZER! The E-LVT is the MVP 2.0 on steroids! You are getting all the same features, High Capacity

MVP 2.0 Mod

itaste MVP 2.0 MOD Kit

You will have plenty of battery life & vapor hit with the MVP 2.0. Our customers are telling us their batteries are holding a charge for 3 to 7 days depending on how much you use it. Of course the


EGO T 1100mah Battery

The Ego T 1100 battery holds a longer charge for those who cannot recharge as easily during your day, approximately 1100 puffs per charge! This Battery also comes in several beautiful colors for you


EGO T 900mah Battery

A  900mah battery delivers approx 900 puffs per charge and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Your package includes 1 Ego T 900mah battery.